Let's get a cinema back in Newmarket !

The day has arrived!  Today sees the first showings in the Incredible Moving Cinema that has popped up for the next 10 days on the Severals, showing a variety of family friendly and other bang up to date films – please look and book on https://www.abbeygatecinema.co.uk/whats-on/?filmcategory=the-moving-cinema .  The Moving Cinema will be moving on on 20 February…. so take your chance now! 


What is it doing there and why?  Essentially it is a test, to test the demand from the people of Newmarket as to whether they will make use of a cinema in the town.  Unless we pass the test by showing that there is a sufficient demand for the proposal, our application for funding for the proposed cinema in the High Street will fail.


So if you would like Newmarket to have its own cinema again and you would use it, please complete the cinema questionnaire on https://newmarketcharity.org/cinema-questionnaire/ and have your voice heard.